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Common questions, answered.

I keep getting asked questions about, "The Companion," so it seemed like an appropriate thing to blog a little more about it.

How did it come to be? I've covered that one in more detail elsewhere, but the rough summary is this. Working for transsexual awareness in the 90's led me to start a support web site. After positive feedback from that, a time working in more liberal Germany gave me the courage to start the realbondage.co.uk site in 2002. More positive feedback from that, combined with the re-union with an old colleague who had made short films, led to the film script in 2005.

Those are the hard facts, sure, but it has actually been the positive feedback from people that has driven me on. I haven't actually encountered very much negative feedback in my life because somehow the web site has stayed under the radar; so I have been fortunate enough to enjoy encouragement and, where I have hit criticism, it has been productive and non-threatening. So this has been the real fuel in the tank of the journey.

Yes, if the series does actually gain noteriety, then I am very much conscious of, and afraid of, what that would mean and what it would bring. There are still a lot of people in this world who have closed minds and believe that everyone should think the same as they do and that everyone should be legally bound to behave as they dictate; and thrown in jail if they should dare to be different.

How much of it is real? Well, the characters and locations are fictional, but the events are real enough. Kate is one character that people ask after. Is there a Kate? Well, Kate actually embodies many people in my life who have poked their nose in and wanted to know more! I did actually want to tie Kate in to more of L's emotional journey, sort of being the Companion to Dr. Who, to bring the complexities out in to the open, but in the book that just got complicated and it was easier to take the reader inside L's head instead.

A good number of people have now confirmed that there is no way that a reader can get a grip on what the book actually contains prior to reading it, except that it does contain a portion of erotic romance. It is a mystery journey. The jacket blurb is of no help in deciding whether to read the book. The only reliable thing is other people's reviews and testimonies of where the book took them, and what it gave them as a result. When you pick up The Companion, you should leave all preconceptions at the door. But, yes, that does make it a scary read! After all, when you pick up a Western, or a romance, or a comedy, or a thriller, you know roughly where you're going. Pick up Companion and it is a different level of uncertainty. I think the best explanatory review was this one - http://msknight.booklikes.com/post/1125550/the-companion-another-solid-review

One thing is encouraging, though. When I have finished a script, it goes to a number of people that I know, colleagues, friends and the like, to read through and provide feedback before I send it to the publisher. They know that I'm only 8,000 words off finishing book 3 and they're pestering me for it!

Does it compare with 50 Shades? No. It's a different work with different drives, aiming at a different audience with a very different message. You're talking apples and oranges.

What is it like to be dyslexic and an author? I cover that in a bit more detail here - http://msknight.co.uk/dyslexia.html

Have there been any effects from the series? Yes, there have, even as a result of the first book alone. As the information, experience and emotion is based on reality rather than fiction, people have felt confident in allowing it to link in to their own lives. The result is that it has already helped some people in their own journey in to dominance and submission - http://msknight.booklikes.com/post/1121724/when-information-helps - by pointing them in the directions that they need to investigate. It has also helped people understand the sheer number of people that are involved in the BDSM scene to one degree or another, and has de-mystified things for those who have no intention of playing the D/s game. That's actually been a bonus because it has built bridges.

Some people not only didn't know that there was actually a BDSM community, but were also surprised when I informed them that there were regular community meetings in their own towns!!! ... but the best thing of all is that, after reading Companion, when they did learn that there were bdsm meets in such close proximity, they weren't alarmed ... because having a better handle on what BDSM actually is, and how it works, enabled them to realise that it wasn't a threat.

If you have any other questions, please do ask them here. I've got my hands full for another few days yet, so the next full blog entry will be a while, but I can easily pop by to answer questions in the mean time.