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Do you mind if I smoke?

Sadly, Fenella Fielding passed away a few days ago. She reached a good age, suffering a stroke at 90. Her life was quite unusual and I decided to buy the book she released last year, titled from one of her best scenes in, "Carry On Screaming," where she asked her visitors, "Do you mind if I smoke?" and when they confirmed that they didn't mind at all... her body was enveloped in steam from a dry ice source. Good joke.


Her obituary on the BBC is here - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/45409341 - and is worth a read, IMHO.

The only thing that rankled was when she met fellow actors - and there were many - who'd been asked to do adverts with a "Fenella Fielding-like" voice. "Bloody cheek," she would say with perfect comic timing. "Why didn't they ask me?"

What is unusual about this, is that I got the book cheaper from Hive.co.uk, than I could from Amazon. Purchases from Hive also include a donation to an independent book shop. Lesson... always shop around, because Amazon isn't the cheapest, especially now that postage isn't free for orders less than £20. Add to that, the Hive order was free postage for 5 day delivery. What's not to like?!