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Review - As an IT person, I enjoyed it

The Blue Nowhere - Jeffery Deaver

This heavily involves IT and hacking and as you can probably guess, as IT is my career, I am sensitive to certain things. (I'm writing this on a Macbook Air which has been altered to run my preferred Linux distribution, and my mobile is neither Apple, Android, Blackberry or Microsoft. Not telling you what it is!) nevertheless this achieved 4 stars.


Even though various segments within the book were technically out of whack (I had to look at the publishing date when I read some company names, as they aren't around any more) it didn't phase me. I could see a few things coming before they hit, but there were many twists and turns that I didn't catch. I ploughed through it quite quickly, and enjoyed the ride.


It moved quickly and mostly believably, only jarring me in a few places. Well written and certainly more believable than many thrillers that pull greatly on IT. An enjoyable short read.