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Your Beauty Mark. All You Need to Get the Hair, Makeup, Glow, and Glam. - Dita von Teese

This is a heavy book .... in both senses.


In the first sense, any arachnophobe should have this on their shelf. Hit a spider with this thing, and it's off to that big web in the sky after the first hit.


In the second sense, I've been off with housewife's knee for five days, and I've only got a little over half way through.


Part of that is the type of information. A mix of advice, history and life story, mixed in with pictures both by means of examples of said advice, and examples of her achievements in life. Also, it reads to me as if it is talking to those who have already spent a portion of their lives sat at a vanity table... and that's not me!!!


The big size is all the better for the pictures, so I'm not moaning about it; it's the size that it needs to be, in order to do the job properly. However, if I hadn't got my knee injury from shampooing the carpet the night before I started reading this... then I might have looked at the tome accusingly after seeing my knee become a tennis ball.