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Reading progress update: I've read 111 out of 375 pages.

Your Beauty Mark. All You Need to Get the Hair, Makeup, Glow, and Glam. - Dita von Teese

For some reason, my copy runs to 375-ish pages, rather than the 256 listed here against the book. Pass. Who knows. No clue why. Such is life.


What I do know is that Dita had a grounding in reality before she chose the path of burlesque. And this is a life of art. Human art. In fact, a collection of different types of art, itself wrapped and mixed in a package that becomes Dita vonTeese.


She is perfectly aware that she occupies a space where few of us actually practically desire to go; such entrapments that are hers come at a price which I, for one, would not like to pay. However, she laces this with practical advice that all of us can follow. In other words, if you simply went out and bought the products that she listed... then you'd be missing the whole point. As she says; what works for her, might not work for others... but then hands over the keys to unlock your own journey, without breaking the kind of piggy bank that many of us endure these days.


So far, I have been through skin and am mostly my way through perfume. Perhaps the most poignant was the money she wasted with celebrity dermatologists, and found her saviour instead in someone who knew their science and was more interested in people, than fame.


 The dedication to the beauty of her chosen era can best be summed up in the kind of experience that might be found in the opening of an iPhone. The box that glides open gently under the pull of gravity. The new phone smell that teases the nose. The placement within the packaging and the very arrangement of the minimalist pieces themselves. Get to grips with that, and the effort and dedication that went behind the making of that experience, and you'll have a starting point to what drives Dita to the path she has chosen to follow.


Mixed in are segments of history that I never knew; and practical, sensible advice on things like diet and skin care.


This is a heavy, but worthwhile read so far.