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Just decided to do a test...

I'm eyeing up a mechanical keyboard for work. At home I've got a mechanical keyboard with Cherry Brown switches. At work I have to put up with a mundane membrane keyboard which I wish I could throw through the window.


Well, my boss had to come to my workstation to type something in, and she liked it, so I said I was considering a mechanical keyboard and she could have this one when it came. The problem was, mechanical keys are usually noisy as hell in an office.


I did a bit of research and have one on order with Cherry Silent Red keys. Brand new, just released, it won't even be in stock before the end of next month... but in the mean time, I just decided to do a typing speed test. No practice, no limbering up, just straight in off the blocks on the membrane keyboard.



The computer tech cohort at my further education course, had to do typing as an element of our exam, so we were trained touch typists... not that we really did any traditional pool typing. We were also the generation that trained on the BBC Micro and used the IBM PC keyboards... you know the ones... they had metal backs and if you dropped them, they'd break your foot.


I've already dropped the cash on my new board - http://www.keyboardco.com/keyboard/uk-filco-majestouch-2-nkr-silent-soft-linear-action-keyboard.asp - so this is going to be interesting. I'll try the test again in a few months time, to see if the new keyboard actually makes a difference, or if my love of mechanical keyboards actually justifies the cost.