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Michelle's corner

Michelle Knight. Writer, photographer, programmer, truck driver and general, all round nut case. Life is a journey and that's what this blog will probably end up being. Let's see where we go, eh? ;-)

Doing productive stuff

When I look back over the last few years of my life, I think I've become fed up with being a never-ending consumer, and I've wanted to do creative things.


There are some creations I can't discuss in open forum... *ahem*... but writing has been among them. I also do YouTube videos and blog posts, mostly to pass on the little knowledge that I gain during my adventures.


While Check Mate is still being audio processed (it takes time when people are offering their help for free) I've turned my hand to rescuing vinyl. Actually I was into hi-fi in my teens, but last year I went back to it in a bit of a way, especially returning to vinyl and valve amps.


For those who are of a like mind, I put together a blog post on Ello, detailing how I clean second hand vinyl on the cheap. Ultrasonic cleaners cost two thousand pounds, and there's no way I can afford one of those... so I use a few mixtures and some special record cleaning brushes to keep the cost well below a hundred. Enjoy - https://ello.co/msknight/post/nh1j5yqadjardm6qx5qfwq