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The Bronx - No Bookstore

Apparently, the Bronx has spent the last year without a book store. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-39979281/the-place-with-a-million-people-and-no-bookstore


There are a number of issues raised in that video segment including the book store that Noelle Santos plans to open in a few months.


One of those thing is that the reading group she's running plans to focus on authors of colour and female authors, as well as local authors. The immediate thing that crossed my mind is how are they going to tell this? Unless I research an author, the name is such an unreliable mechanism these days. Family names are now so diverse for a start, and then you have the large issue of female authors who deliberately write under male pen names.


There is also an issue which is relatively unresearched; the issue of men who write under traditionally female names, as well as names which are unisex. The gaming community currently believes that in World of Warcraft, if you come across a female character, there's a 50/50 chance that the player behind it is male... (reading Greg Toppo's book, "The Game Believes In You") and from that, I infer nothing sinister (in the majority of cases) but there's nothing wrong in my eyes, with a person exploring aspects of themselves that are usually reserved socially for the other gender... but that the individuals still possess... after all, we're all emotionally whole humans. Men do cry, and women do want to bash the living crap out of something now and then. - by the way, if yu're one of the 5,461,554 WoW fans that haven't seen Abbot and Costello's classic, "Who's on First" then you might find this entertaining - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ekLO8BwxwE


I do find myself wondering how they are going to achieve this, and how they select the works to discuss at the club. The obvious question is whether they have had disappointments and if so, how have they handled them.


Now... where'd I put my male dwarf character... I feel like hitting something with an overly large mallet.