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Michelle Knight. Writer, photographer, programmer, truck driver and general, all round nut case. Life is a journey and that's what this blog will probably end up being. Let's see where we go, eh? ;-)

Looking at 2017

So... it has been a crazy few years. Somehow I've put out six books while holding down a day job with a crazy commute. I'm still not sure how the hell I did it. Perhaps the lack of an incidental personal life played its part. Now, however, this year closes with me being back at my original work place, and a rejuvenated fitness regime. How writing is going to fit in to this, I'm not sure.


The other question is how reading is going to happen. I still have a pile of books in my wicker basket by my chair. It's overflowing, in case you couldn't guess. Many of those books have surprised even me. I never thought I'd end up with a copy of "Molly Weir's Recipes." At some point next year I'll be trying my hand at a touch of traditional Scottish cooking.


At work, we have key people who cover specific roles. As I was returning to site, I had to ask the obvious question as to whose turn it was to have Christmas off. After a quick discussion it was evident that I was the only one with enough holiday left to take the time off, so I return to work on the 3rd. That leaves me with enough time to finish, "The Game Believes In You," before picking up the next challenge.


At the start of the month I should also get the physical copy of, "GENIE," in my hands. And if Royal Mail loose THAT parcel, I'll go down to the sorting office and sparks will fly. I've already got the Executive Resolution Team involved in one parcel that was miss-delivered to someone else... and they still haven't recovered it.


I do want to re-work Companion and Leader in 2017. I may or may not write other books, but the Submissive Heart series is my legacy. It's the message that I leave for the world, from my own heart. It has to be right.


Friends haven't seen me for ages. The commute means some of them haven't seen me for four years, so I have to build in some time to do a tour of the UK. That's going to be interesting and, as I meet people and visit other locations, I'll have my notebook with me, you can be sure of that!


Not being religious, this time of year is when I slow down and think of friends who are absent by both distance and dimensions. That emotion will be added to on New Years day. You can bet that tears of memory will roll down my face; but it's OK. As one of my previous Dominants said, "If it doesn't hurt, then it didn't mean anything."