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To help, or not to help?

I've been biting my nails over what's been happening to BookLikes lately. However, I've been keeping my mouth shut more or less.


Those who have followed me for a while, know that I'm not a big self-promoter, and I value disclosure. It helps with trust, which I feel is critical for the interwebs. I'm a consumer as much as anyone else and if someone recommends something to me, be it a book or something completely different... I want to know that their recommendation comes from the heart.


I try things, and sometimes things don't work out. I don't get the same out of a book that someone else did... that stuff's gonna happen. But if I feel like I gave it a chance from an honest recommendation, rather than a deliberate push... then the failure feels, "fair." I don't feel as if I was deliberately duped in to buying something. That's what drives me to keep on the honest side of things.


I do feel like if I helped out on BookLikes, then if someday I happened to be picked for an article or something, then people could point and make all sorts of accusations. That's somewhere that I don't want to go. There are no winners in Dramaville. So I keep my mouth shut, and just cheer on from the side lines.


But it's good to see BookLikes back working smoothly again.