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An Awkward Evening

I have to admit that I’m tempted to reach for the wine bottle this evening.


A discussion with GoodReads Librarians accidentally unearthed another publishing house putting out one of my old works. Obviously, I’ve let the publisher know. I also found links to free PDF’s of some of my other books as well. Those, also, have gone to the publisher with what contact details I’ve managed to unearth.


In fact, as I write this, I’ve been blind copied in to an e-mail sent to one of the infringers. I can’t reveal details, but I’m glad I’m with an actual publisher right now. I couldn’t imagine Amazon fighting for me like this.


But… moving on, I’m reading some of the reviews for my books, particularly Companion which is where many people have stopped. I’m doing this to get insight for how to improve it, as I’m re-writing that, and Leader in the next few months.


Overall, reviews are good. Positive reviews give me enough impetus to continue, while constructive criticism helps me grow. I know enough to know that I’m not going to please everyone. Heck, some of the feedback I get from alpha readers can conflict, and that’s just from a handful of readers!


I think what baffles me, is the sensationalist reviewers. They use colourful language and really go overboard on the emotion. It almost feels like they’re trying to become the literary version of Gordon Ramsay. I really do feel like telling these people, “Put down the knife and walk away from the book shelf, before you hurt yourself.” Of course, I don’t. I honestly can’t believe that many people would read such a review and take it seriously. Heck, I don’t !!!


I’m looking forward to re-writing those two. It’s going to be harder work than writing them in the first place, but I think it will be a worthwhile job. I feel this because even one of the two star reviews commented that the book painted a realistic representation of a D/s relationship, resolved all its conflicts and brought the loose threads to a close… which is exactly what the series was created to do in the first place. So for me, it’ll definitely be time well spent to leave that kind of legacy behind. I always did think that walking the line between entertainment and education was an impossibly fine thread to tread, and something that rarely leads to a five star book.


I think that, with the amount of piracy out there these days, and the commercial environment being the way it is, that not thinking about the money does free the brain a bit. And at the end of the day, that’s why I created the BDSM reference web site in 2002; one of the longest running community BDSM web sites on the interwebs. When people want to know and explore, at least the material will be there for them, and that’s what it’s all about.