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Soldier Of The Republic - Ben Slythe.

Soldier of the Republic (Republic Series) (Volume 1) - Mr Ben Slythe

Full disclosure - I've known the author for twenty years, hence I'm not giving a star rating. (He gets close enough that he could not only pour his beer on my head, but mine also!)


The story struck me as a cross between the foundations of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, the societal structure of Gor and the hero type narative of Halo.


Personally, as with other stories that include depictions of battle scenes, I have trouble following detailed manoeuvres; I just can't hold the whole battlefield in my head. But beneath this, there is politics going on. The story finds Taeris in serious trouble, the kind that no one normally emerges from alive. However, he is pulled from the asteroid re-education facility, for a mission, because the aptitude that put him in the correctional facility in the first place is exactly that which society now needs. But he has to walk a line... too much attitude could see him straight back in the slammer.


There will be a follow up, and there is a hope that, because of the way that the story line has twisted, that future battle depictions won't be so heavy... but I'm not going to let anything slip :-) ... time will tell.