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Genie almost there

Yesterday, I paid the invoice for the cover art. Apparently, the person responsible fro the invoices was on holiday, hence it took more than two weeks to get the invoice, in order to pay it. Of course, I forgot that they're a business and I'm not, so there was VAT on top of the quote. Damn. Didn't factor for that. Still, they've done me a big favour and it's a damn sight cheaper than it could have been... the artistic house responsible was eager to support a lone, creative wolf... and it is stunning to find that kind of attitude in a world as selfish and greedy as ours.


The editor has also been in touch. The manuscript is lying in a different office, waiting for a nomadic staff member to bring it to where I now work. Hopefully, that will be with me next week. They are also moving around, so getting the complimentary copy in their hands isn't going to be easy, either. Hmmm... will have to think on that one.


This is the kind of thing that happens when you work on a shoestring, I guess... reliant on the good will of other people.


Still, I've notified the editor that the cover art is paid for, so I hope to do a cover reveal in about a week, maybe two. But progress is happening and another book is closer to being birthed in to the massive ocean of science fiction that readers are already drowning in...