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Why isn't The Submissive Heart series erotic?

The short answer is no. The series will not be erotic to most people... but after reading a recent review, I thought it was worth explaining why.


In the 90's I wrote erotic fiction for the BDSM scene. It was released by a specialist publisher and never, "generally," released because non-BDSM people would not find it erotic. In fact, they'd probably find it sickening, because they didn't understand the emotions and drives behind any of it.


But now, here we are, with depictions of BDSM erotica... that is, depictions of real BDSM scenes and emotions which is aimed at being read by non-BDSM people.


So... it will only elicit an erotic response in people who are already tuned to that stimulus. To others, they will get a window into the tick-tock of an erotic clock which is tuned to a different frequency... and that was the aim of the series... to allow non-BDSM people to have a window in to the emotions and reasons of why and how BDSM people tick. How the relationships work and the values that are held.


Is it possible to write BDSM material which is erotic to a general non-BDSM audience? Sure. Vanilla sex in a, "chains and whips environment," is done quite often. I also wrote a few vanilla sex scenes in some of the later books... but by that time, the important foundation had been lain by book one.


And there you have it. The average reader won't find it erotic, because it isn't aimed at arousing them... it's purpose is to explain why a different segment of society becomes aroused.