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I have been delayed, as usual... which is about how life goes.


After more work last night on Genie, I thought I'd put some statistics together for you.


Being dyslexic, I have to watch out on various things and, "in to," and, "into," are classic trip ups for me. There were 212 instances of, "into," which comprises 0.27% of the book, and 40 of, "in to," which is about 0.05% roughly.


The word, "the," crops up 4,766 times which is about 6% of the book, (difficult to do an analysis as it makes up other words like, "their," "them," "weather," and others) and the letter, "e," occupies an amazing 18% of the manuscript.


Of course, I have to do more work tonight, and hope to have it off to the editor tomorrow morning.