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Heard from the graphic artist

On Tuesday I dropped the graphic artist a short note to say that I'm not in to bugging people, but just to let them know that the project was still on going and hasn't dropped in to a black hole or something.


I got a reply yesterday which started, "I'm enjoying the book immensely, half way through on my first sitting," which is a good start :-) An artist who's engaged with the story. Sweet! They'll finish the book this coming weekend and should get first visuals to me by the end of next week... which is when things get hairy for me... (well, they already are, with a high priority system failure on my desk this morning. Deep joy.) ... so I'll just have to up my juggling skills I guess, as there's also a train strike set for some of my training days in to London.


Yeah, so that's me facing a month of crisis-management related burn out...