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Genie - Read 3 complete

The third read of Genie is now done. I'm now waiting for the Beta readers to feed back, but life has already proven a hurdle for one of the UK people, so she'll be unlikely to be able to finish the book in such a short time span.


In about a week, I should hear from the artist with preliminary sketches. Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring you any of that, but that's life. It's nervewracking as the previous books were all stock images, with the exception of Check Mate, which was created by a friend. This is the first time I'm having to negotiate with an artist, do a deal, cover all the rights angles and the business stuff that comes with it.


Where to from here? Well, I wanted to re-work The Companion and Reluctant Leader, so this morning before work, I took a look at the manuscript and... you know what... I don't think I can face it.


The weekend is going to be busy, there's stuff on the cards. On top of which, there is a change happening in my working life; coming away from one site, returning to my old site and needing about two weeks of training in London between the two.  It's a process which will take about two months to complete in total, given handovers and complexities, and my emotions are running a bit high.


So, I'll muddle through the next couple of months and see what comes my way. Handling the artwork and editing for Genie will be enough in addition to the elevated life change, I reckon.