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Google wins, but do authors lose?

This will be all over the book news - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-36072243 - Google won in court, the right to make and hold copies of works that are still under copyright.


For me, it is a bizare rulling, for the reason that if Google use copyright works to provide a service, then two things can happen....


1) Google can run advertising while presenting the reader with the work in question... and there is no clear mechanism for that to go back to the author. At best, it will go to a pool and who knows where the money in that pool ends up. Mostly likely not with the authors.


2) Google, by being able to present a work to a reader, denies an imprint which could otherwise earn an author money.


Now, piracy is piracy. The people who do it, know what they're doing. However, those who use an otherwise seemingly legitimate service like Google, have the right to assume that there is a mechanism behind the scenes, to ensure that there is a legitimate payment mechanism in place. But there doesn't seem to be one.


And where is my right, as an author, to deny Google the permission to do anything with my works? Effectively, the US government have given a US company the right to trample all over my rights as a UK author. As far as they are concerned, I'm just a thorn in their corporate shoe that can go to hell.


No. I'm not standing for this.