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Michelle Knight. Writer, photographer, programmer, truck driver and general, all round nut case. Life is a journey and that's what this blog will probably end up being. Let's see where we go, eh? ;-)

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A small favour

Hi Guys,


I'm doing a small health check on my social media efforts.


You know the thing, there's so many channels and only so much time in the day, so it's time again for a review and cull. There are some services where I like the community, so I might stay on some of them regardless. I'm not sure yet.


I don't believe statistics. As an IT specialist, I don't trust systems. I value human contact. I write to touch people, as machines have no feelings. At least, not in real life anyway.


So, if what I write here is of value to you, please hit the like button on this so I can see how many people I'm reaching. And if you've got some thoughts that you'd like to tell me, please do comment or ping me a PM, even if it's something you think I might not like to hear.


I know... I know... the internet has skewed our societies in some pretty dramatic ways... whether for good or bad. That's how it is, I guess, the Wild West Web.


Anyway, got to go grab a cuppa and start on stuff. Hugs to all, catch you on the flip side.