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Kindle Direct change their terms yet again.

In another blow to authors that went completely under my radar, Amazon enacted another change to Kindle payouts to authors. It's a 3,000 page cap.


Sounds like a high target to reach, but when do you think about pages in terms of Kindle books, it's lower. When you then think about the box sets, that's when it does serious damage.


All the damage is being done by page count, and authors are reporting changes to the count in the number of pages of their books.


More info over at this thread - https://kdp.amazon.com/community/thread.jspa?threadID=284002&tstart=60 - and so continues the slavery of the tiny author, to the big controller of the machine.


This can go one of two ways. If your page count goes down and you're paid by the page, it's a problem. If your page count goes up and the threashold doesn't match it, then you've potentially got a problem again.


The devil, however, is in the detail as there's a lot of if's and buts. eg. if page count drops but it's still percentage based of the whole book, then that could be seen as a bonus. The real test is in what happens to authors incomes and if they fall, then something's not right somewhere.


Market forces? Hmmm....