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Goodbye Twitter

Twitter is a tool used by many authors and readers as a means for social connection. It has stood up against repressive regimes and allowed people to connect.


Lately, however, it has found itself in financial trouble and is trying to bail itself out. Last year it even fired 8% of its staff, using its own platform on which to do it! Hmm... so does Twitter class as corporate communication for itself? - http://www.businessfinancenews.com/24952-twitter-inc-fires-8-of-staff-as-dorsey-initiates-restructuring-effort/


Unfortunately, it's taken a nasty turn which has probably resulted in them decimating free speech and could ultimately see the end of authors like myself, who aren't liked by the kind of people they have put in charge...


"The council includes organizations like the Internet Watch Foundation, the Safer Internet Centre, and Feminist Frequency. Here's where the "Orwellian" part comes in: "speech that doesn't offend anybody" is the opposite of free expression." - http://theweek.com/articles/607490/twitters-new-trust-safety-council-orwellian-nightmare

(...but hey, they're probably doing it for free... right?)


Excuse me but... bwaaahahahahaaaa. When libraries in the US are deciding to keep their TOR nodes open in support of free speech, Twitter goes and pulls a stunt like this.


Goodbye Twitter... if you keep doing dumb things like this, you're service will be about as entertaining and intellectually tasty as a bowl of cornflakes... without either the cornflakes, or the milk.