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Strange morning

I'm at a friends house. A little over ten years ago-sort-of-thing... I was sat on the same sofa I'm sat on while writing this... when I bashed out the script to Companion and handed it to Ben, chapter by chapter, for him to convert to screen play. That was the start of the journey that has taken my creative to this point.


I mean, what is it about creatives that our lives are such a mess? His coffee table rivals mine; piled high with DVD's, empty wine bottles,  (ah, one is half full. We're obviously slipping in our sipping) electronic gizmos that support our creative endeavours and other stuff that doesn't make much sense. Hey, at least there isn't a traffic cone on there.


To make a cup of coffee, I had to tease the kettle out from behind a mahoosive microwave, and in order to power it, I had to stick my arm over it in order to keep the kettle switched on. Yes, if you take your finger of it, at least until it has just started to get up to heat, it switches itself off again. Morning coffee was, in itself, an experience worthy of a short story. The problem being, of course, that reality is so strange that if you get it down on paper, no one would actually believe it. But that's life.


You could say that my first book in '96 was the starting point. Or the first published short stories in '95... or even my birth in... er... let's not go there.


No... I think that Companion was the first time that I actually had something to say, something that I wanted to present to the world. But it's now 6:52am... and time to hunt breakfast.