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Had to be done - Review - Deadpool - 4 out of 5 stars


Had to be done. Paid extra and got the best seats in the house.


Bringing a literary character to life, particularly one with as much of a history as Deadpool is always a difficult thing.


OK, his girlfriend is out of whack with the wife he has in Split Second. The special effects are good and somewhat realistic. The writing wasn't as good as the graphic novels. The fourth wall was broken without the usual skill, the dialogue wasn't quiet as witty and in some cases I missed some of the things that were said.


The cast worked well together, and there were strong female characters, however Deadpool's Achilles heel was a typically masculine, stereotypical emotion which felt slightly out of odds with the rest of the socially progressive elements of the film. However, without that weakness, then the film might have lost some of its motivation.


A few of the fourth wall quips were actually bang on the money and good fun, like the one about the number of X-men characters in the film.


Long story short, worth watching for the fun of it. I'd feel fine missing this off the silver screen and watching on DVD at home, however.