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Review - Cable & Deadpool Split Second #3 - 3.5 out of 5 stars

Cable and Deadpool: Split Second #3 - Reilly Brown, Fabian Nicieza

A bit of a let down. More after the jump.



Adverts, 6 pages, mostly Marvel related. Colours meant that two of them jarred me, but that's nothing compared to that giant bran cartoon a while back.


This was the conclusion to the three part physical series. The two earlier ones earned five stars and I mean, they earned them. Especially during the earlier sequence when different Deadpools and Cable's were jumping in and out of the same scene as time paths crossed to either help or stop a murder, whether deliberate or accidental. You get the drift... it was complex, and they managed to carry it off superbly. I followed the whole thing and was thoroughly entertained.


Part three started feeling dumb when Deadpool was sent back in time to start eliminating Cable at various other points in time, but the first one he got sent back to, Cable was going to die anyway and Deadpool actually saved him... and I was wondering... why send Deadpool back to a point, to kill Cable, when Cable's doomed from the outset?


It got worse from there. The concept didn't sit right with me and I was so far out of the groove that I was listening to a different record. Even when they tied the loose ends together, it didn't form a nice, perfect bow. And while I accept bows that aren't always neat, 'cause sometimes stories end that way... this was tied on the wrong side of the box and I was tilting my head to one side, to see it.


I think that what makes this more disappointing is to see them write this, after having witnessed the beautiful job they did earlier on.