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Missed target

Well, it's Monday morning. Just gone 3am and I can't sleep.


I missed my arbitrary target of 60k by this morning. Current length is 56,500 and I'm just starting on the final face off where there is emotional dialogue between the two main characters. It will probably hit 60k, but certainly not 70k, and I'll be miles off my 100k goal ... but this is how the story is working out.


No-one is nipping at my heels, though, and it isn't part of a series, so I'll probably just complete it, then sit on it, and go through sections to work on expansion and depth. After that, I'll start polishing... and for some reason, whenever I go through polishing something; cutting words and rearranging sentences so that it flows better, the word count usually increases. Which is bleedin' odd... but there you go.


I'm not too hung up on word count. A good story is, what it is. The problem is that when you're at a table, selling your books, and they are half the size of the competition, I don't really stand much of a chance as first impressions count. Not only that, most of the other people can afford to litho print where I'm still in POD territory, which adds to the price.


Still... toast, cup of tea, get changed and then head my car in to the 70mph winds that await me this morning, courtesy of storm... er... something beginning with, "I." (checks the news websites) - Imogen. Storm Imogen, apparently. Ferry services in the channel have already been cancelled, and half of my journey is on exposed coastal motorway, so I'm going to be driving at 70mph, in to a 70mph storm going the other way... oh, this is going to be fun... not.