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A strange impulse...

I have a KN-6000 here, and a Studiologic MIDI keyboard for it. I don't play it much, especially since I started writing.


But I have an impulse to learn a piece from the 1930's. - "September In The Rain" which was written by Harry Warren and sung beautifully by Dinah Washington.


I've put in a request to a very good friend to see if He has a copy. (yes, I capitalised the "H" there for a reason, but if you don't know the reason, don't sweat it.) and you never know... GENIE might be delayed a while, as from what I've seen on line at the moment, although it sounds simple, there are a load of very hard chords in there.


Wish me luck. I might YouTube it at some point... if I ever get to a standard where it is worth listening to.