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Review - Touch Not The Horse - DNF at page 68

Touch Not the Horse - Anthony Gavali

The book starts talking characters and doesn't give depth. There is a motivation of pure greed but little to back it up in reason; ie. what is it about Charlene and Vicky that makes them want to commit such a crime. Did something happen in their past to make them this bad, or are they just nasty, greedy people? As such, the beginning feels shallow.


Gavali started some things but didn't finish them; eg. page 37 Rob and Dean start to get in to something and Gavali dodges the exchange with, "Both played an emotional poker game as they talked politely. Then, Rob went back to his desk." Gavali didn't take me in to what was slated as a conversation I would have wanted to read.

It's like being shown around a mansion at super-quick speed. You barely get to grips with one thing or situation, before you're haring on to the next. I didn't feel like I was getting my feet under the table, sort of thing. Sections of repetition as well. "Green and black" was encountered six times in seventeen sentences. It's a lot of green and black; I get it already!

I got as far as page 68, where Gavali over-used the, "drinking through a straw gets you drunk quicker," fallacy. At least, there's no scientific proof of it. And at that point, I gave up.


Gavali had something here; he really did. It just paces out too quickly and I didn't really feel the action or emotion, to the point where I just felt that I couldn't continue. Perhaps he could have added background and slowed the pacing and turned it in to a series.