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It's been a heck of a time here. Last week started with work chaos and then translated to home chaos as we needed the soffit and fascia replaced, plus asbestos removed... well, you don't want to know why I had to take extra leave instead of being back in work today.


The result of all this is that I've been hammered by a cold. My body is saying, "I don't care. You're taking a rest. NOW!" and no amount of coffee will make it see things my way.


Still, I suppose the worst is now over. Well, except the climax... the invoices :-(


As part of all this, I'm re-working the home office. I had to tear it to shreds for the window to go in, so I'm replacing everything and going through the lot. And if you saw this room, you'd see just how much electronics I've got crammed in here... because the hot/cold of the attic would kill my precious devices.


I gave my friend a status report earlier. I said I was a third of the way through it. Actually, I was half way around the room, but the second half was twice as bad as the first half, so that equated to a third... he asked me what I was smoking.


Talking about thirds, the report on the draft of the first third of Genie came back. Net result, I've got too much history at the start and... he liked the lift. *sigh* ... ok. It's feedback... I'll take it...