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I haven't read it yet, and I'll probably save it until I have all three in my grubby mitt. However, I did have a flip through and found it not too intrusive.


Modok had 30 internal pages and about 8 of advertising if I remember correctly. Cable & Deadpool #1 has 38 internal pages and about 6.5 adverts. Only one of those adverts doesn't have a Marvel link somehow (although one of them was for Marvel characters on Netflix) - But the important thing is that the adverts, in relation to content, didn't seem to irk me as much as Modok. If the other issues keep to this  kind of level then I'll be happy.


As an aside I learned the hard way, never to do pre-orders on E-bay. By the time it is set for the order to be dispatched, the 30 day guarantee expires so if they don't send and stop corresponding, then you have to rely on PayPal's 130 day-ish guarantee and it's a lot more long winded to file a claim, depending on what kind of load they're under.