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I was just watching a video of Sister Rosetta Tharpe singing, "Didn't It Rain," in the UK in the sixties, before I was born.


It got me to thinking about feedback. For an artist such as her, the feedback comes directly from the crowd. The performance being enjoyed by the audience there and then, in real life; all the clapping and atmosphere, even in an old train station in rainy Britain.


i beleive that in Japan, things are difficult for non-Japanese performers because they are not used to the lack of audience feedback; as people are more reserved and typically keep their judgement until the end. That is something I read from Godeigo, when they were a hit there with writing the theme to, "Monkey," and all that a few decades ago. Whether it is still the same there now, I don't know.


For an author, feedback is a completely different beast. Sometimes it feels like scrabbling around on a beach, hoping to dig up a beautifully rounded, marbled stone or an exciting shell which I can put up against my ear, and hear the sea wherever I go.


*sigh* - Ah well. The first draft of Genie hit 10,000 as of last night, so progress is being made. Slowly. As the performance is gone through, all the while, lacking the energy of an audience; who never get to hear a note or ponder a lyric until the book is long done and dusted.


Bloody hell, I must be feeling morbid and depressed this morning to have written all that!