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Will be off-line today....

Long story short... I like low power computing. However external in-line transformers have a habit of dropping their output over a couple of years; either that or the internal voltage drop board goes phoop. I don't have the spares to work out which one it is (I suspect the cheapo in-line myself)


But this one's gone phoop one too many times and because someone's played silly buggers with the model number, I can't track a direct replacement. So, cut to a panicked Dec 23rd flea-bay order and I then chase the courier around Sussex on the 24th. Now it's the 25th and I really should get out the screwdriver and get the job done, as its current state of affairs isn't safe.


But I don't want to be having a busman holiday on bloody today, of all days. I just cooked the dinner, for crying out loud. *sigh*