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There's socialism, and then there's dictatorship

I've made one long post on I.T. and I don't want to repeat that. This is a place for books. (one thing I forgot to write in the previous thing is that Amazon owns GoodReads now, which is why I'm on BookLikes. Free speech doesn't happen under Amazon's watch.)


I'm now going to make another post on socialism and national health, and that will be it.


When Fox News anchor's read the Daily Mail for their UK news, be warned. It is part of the Murdoch empire and some citizens refer to it as the, "Daily Fail," as some in the US refer to, "Faux News."


Linking the NHS in any way to the kind of socialism that is enacted by The Reds is too far.


Even Oliver Hardy is reported to have had to sell his house to meet medical expenses - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurel_and_Hardy Work all your life to pay it all to the medical services. If you can't, then you die. No wonder you see  UK Citizens defending the NHS.


If you can find "Sicko" cheap enough to make it worth your while, then it is worth a watch IMHO. I can't vouch for what is said about the French or Cuban systems, but the UK system is portrayed reasonably truthfully.


I stand as an example of what social health care did. Pre-surgery I was a drain on social resources, counselling, etc. and after surgery, I own a mortgage, pay taxes, I'm a contributing member of society. There's no way I could have afforded my own treatment in the state I was in.


The most galling thing about Sicko wasn't those with no insurance, but those who DID have insurance, but it either didn't cover them when crunch time came-a-knocking, and the industry employing people to find loop holes and deny people their rightful insurance. Like denying an ambulance ride from an accident because it wasn't pre-approved. "She wonders how one goes ahead to pre-approve an ambulance ride when unconscious." Here's a written spoiler account from Sicko - http://www.themoviespoiler.com/Spoilers/sicko.html (easier to read, print version here - http://www.themoviespoiler.com/Spoilers/sickoPRINT.html )


"We next see Bill Clinton creating a task force to tackle health reform chaired by then first lady, Hillary Clinton. We see Republicans try and tackle her abilities by basically twisting universal health care as more government control, and less control by the people. This of course leads to the big scare word, SOCIALISM."


It's not so much the case of working hard and paying your way, but not actually getting what you paid for. Viva Commercial Enterprise. The law? That's to keep the little people in check.