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GENIE - part 1 expansion

I've split the work in to two parts. There are a number of events which were designed to be hooks for the next issue, as it was written for graphic novel. Among these hooks is a fairly major one which splits the book almost in half.


I've finished converting this first, "third-to-a-half-ish" in to book format, but it only comes to 15,000 words. It needs to be at least 30,000.


My thinking is still in film script mode. I'm still writing for a visual audience. In one way, this is helping me write the action scenes and is probably respnsible for my third-person writing. However, it isn't helping me with longevity.


I'm still writing something to give excitement and a, "hit." The problem is that it can easily be all over in 50,000 words. I need to add depth. I've got a few ideas, but it will take time to write it all in.


At this rate, the start of January will likely only see this first section down.