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Review - MODOK Assassin #1

— feeling bad smell
Modok Assassin #1 (of 5) Comic Book - Marvel Comics

Of 30 internal pages, eight of them were adverts. Five of them weren't even for Marvel. A TV show, razors, sunscreen, a vinyl figure and a cancer charity. I'm sorry, but I'm not spending money, to be advertised at.


I now find myself concerned about the Cable and Deadpool comics I've pre-ordered. If they have adverts too, then that's the last I'll bother buying.


MODOK sets the stage. The foes around it, it's capabilities and the kind of violence that can be expected in the series to come. At the end is the hook for the next issue, certainly a hook that threatens to really screw with Modok's murderous mojo and considerably inflated ego. The taller they are, the harder they fall... and this one's fallen right on a quiver of arrows. Who's arrows, well, I'll leave that to you if you decide to go down this route, but #1 is where I'm stopping.


The story, for me, lacked any intelligence, any subtlety, and was a bit of a disappointment. Comics can do much, much better than this. It was just plain, in yer face violence. Nothing marked it as anything special for me.