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France, France... must you beat the UK at everything?

Working in I.T. I see some utter nonsense come out of the mouths of U.K. politicians. I'm used to it. But to see this from France?!?! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/12/06/france_mulls_tighter_noose_around_crypto/


According to Le Monde, the (in French) extension of the state of emergency could also stretch to requiring all rental cars to carry GPS, expansion of public video surveillance, two-year telecommunications data retention, and approval for police to use IMSI-catchers (like the Stingray devices used in America).


Some of the proposals, however, seem nebulous to the point of impossibility: the proposals stretch beyond shutting off the Wi-Fi at Parisian cafes to banning “shared connections” with criminal sanctions as enforcement.


I mean... how far is this going to go? Banning shared connections? They do know about Wi-Fi hacking, right?! And when I was a humble mobile techy in rental vehicles, all you needed was some foil around the GPS transmitter and you were good to go.