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Morning motivation

The first written novel chapter of GENIE was thrown together in spare time yesterday. It had a hard task, to put together a post-apocyliptic world and a sequence of events as to how it happened, in a short chunk. 1,300 words.


In a graphic novel, some of the back story can be released like a permeating gas and the artwork relied upon to form the hook and provide immediate context... with a novel, not so much.


Draft one of Chapter 1 was sent to another author last night. I know they've got a lot on, but I woke to an e-mail from them, enthusiastic about its slightly different take on things.


I also awoke to an e-mail from another graphic novel publishing house; and getting a full script to them is going to be slightly awkward... (I mean, who doesn't take digital submissions in this modern world!) so written novel it will have to be.


And now... 5am and I need coffee...