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Sorry Grimlock

Well I started this script for a graphic novel. The AI reigned triumphant after 24 pages of 5,000 words. However, there was something nagging at me.


It now stands at 36 pages and nearly 10,000 words and it ain't done yet. There's a lot more drama to come and I'm doing my best to deliver something that twists and turns, and keeps people guessing... which is hard to do because I'm currently using pre-existing tropes to provide the foundation of this story.


I'm trying to find a graphic artist to do this; but it is proving hard because what I'm also trying to do is find out what the industry structure is; ie. what kind of profit split is thought of as fair, between a graphic artist and a script writer.


It is proving so, so very hard to try and prise my way in to a closed industry where everyone is deliberately keeping their cards tight to their chests, as knowledge is power, and power means holding on to the rights and fair play doesn't stand a chance.


I really feel like I'm walking in a pit of vipers.... and worse still, that in order to survive in this nest, I might have to become a viper myself.... and that's something that I definitely won't enjoy.