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Graphic Novel Reality

It is ever more difficult in this world, to get a grip on what you're facing, as a creative.


Publishers have been documented lately, really tightening the screws on authors. Contracts that have horrendous rights grabs and hideous terms. Hard figures replaced by percentages. They know that if there is no easy reference for someone to grab hold of, then when the budding author, artist or other creative comes to the table... they've got them by the short and curlies. Knowledge is power, and by denying them knowledge of the current market place, the publishers hold all the cards.


Independent publishers vary; some are typical Authur Dailey and Dell Boy types, who will fleece the candle at both ends and in the middle. Others are beacons for fair dealing and trying to do the right thing, while swimming in shark infested waters. It doesn't help when the water is red with blood where society keeps feeding said sharks; the spectacle being worth it, as long as it isn't their leg that falls prey to those sharp, pointed teeth.


At the moment, the graphic novel script stands complete in my eyes, at around 5,000 words. I've got no clue as to how many panels (or pages) it would generate. Also, sales of graphic novels are reported to be lower now, than the rejection projections were a few decades ago. ie. if a publisher would previously reject a script if they thought it would sell less than X units, now they are lucky if they achieve X in total sales!


My current publisher is not geared for graphic novels. Given what I've read so far, I don't blame them. So I'd be faced with coming in from scratch. How do I find an artist? How should we split the profits... if, indeed, there are any!


At the moment, I am thinking along the lines of working with someone to produce something for nothing; and put it out there to demonstrate ability with the hope that paid work would come knocking at the door. After all, while there is considerable skill out there, the one thing in short supply is originality. New material. Already people are starting to choke on the repetetive Marvel films in the cinema.


So, I continue to sit and think. I need feedback first... are my ideas good enough? Is my execution worthy of further effort? Much to mull over before I dare even put my first foot in this new minefield.