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Review - Elephantmen - 3.5 out of 5 stars

Elephantmen 2260 Tp - Axel Medellín, Richard Starkings

This started off so well. When someone is having halucinations, the doors are wide open. However, the moment another character sees the same halucination, it wraps it up, sticks a gift card on and ties a bow on it. You're either dealing with mind control or the main character is in a coma/machine. Which? I'm not telling you; but at the half way point, the major pieces started dropping in to place.


The artwork was of a high quality. It was a bit muted for my taste; arguably necessary to reflect the environemnt/society but that's how it rocks I guess. There were some sparks of originality in there, the one liners and philosophical injections/observations on the human race, were well written, well placed and well paced. (if a bit well worn)


Even though the ending was mostly formed, it was executed in a way which made it worth the ride. The world and its quirks were introduced at a measured pace so I could get my head fully around one nuance before the next was presented. However it wasn't enough to make me itch for the next volume.