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This report on Paris spoke to me...

I'm trying to catch and read only the more meaningful articles on Paris. There are still some reports that are focusing on the sensationalistic side; shouting about the human tragedy while actually completely missing the human tragedy that they are reporting on. They are missing the, "soul," if that makes sense.


This report from BBC News Northern Ireland, is one that closed so beautifully.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-34825855


Paris wants people to stay. But if they go, the city wants them to come back soon.

Just like London and New York in the wake of mass killings in recent years, Paris will try to slowly recover.

The city's Latin motto is: Fluctuat nec mergitur. The translation is 'tossed by the water but not sunk'.

Already this weekend, you can see the phrase being scrawled on walls.

Yes, Latin graffiti.

Paris is still Paris.