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Nearly there with Grave.

The last alpha has fed back and I've incorporated his feedback in to the manuscript. I'm now going through it on the Kobo and making final adjustments, before handing it fully over to the editor. I got 30% in to it, before having to start my shift.


The editor has had an advance copy to read, so that she can get the story out of her system and give her attention properly to editing for the next week or so, when I get her the last manuscript.


The story seems to have gripped people and I've received comment on how much I've improved as a writer, since the first book in the series. The last alpha said that this was the first book in a long while that brought tears to his eyes. That was quite touching. We discussed it last night. My writing has re-ignited his love for reading. He is now going to bed with a book more often, and reading until he falls asleep.


A few of my alpha readers have actually seen their desire to write their own books, kick-started. Being an author has always been one of those dreams that we want to do, but many of us never achieve. Seeing me do it, has made it seem more possible; more real.


This series has not only been a journey for me, but for those around me; and I'm almost feeling like the end of a chapter in my life. The end of 2015 will see the series finished and sent in to the world to make its own way. I've got a little more than a week off in December to gather myself and start a fresh year with other projects.


Although I've said that this will be the end of my BDSM writings, there is a call to elongate the books, though. Add depth. Make them 100k novels each. The material is there to do it, yes, but only if there really is demand.


Maybe in a few years...