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Not much read lately

I've been stuck with The Opening Bell for a while now. Indeed I might have to start it again.


You guys already know of my daft working days and also the weekends that I spend doing stuff like the book convention last weekend. I did take Opening Bell with me on the Kobo, but even though hardly anyone came to my table, I couldn't read; I had to stay attentive all the time. There were also little bits that had to be done. It was a crazy feeling.


Also, I've had to read for other things. Not only the multiple re-reads of Grave but also I've had to read legal contracts at work. I swear that if I have to get my head around one more paragraph of legalese, then my head is going to experience, "force majeure," with the nearest wall.


By the end of November I hope to learn about the direction that my job will take, which will bring some comfort to my soul; however it looks like I'll be doing this nutsy commute until around May next year.


I hope to get the last alpha feedback on Grave on Friday, which will give me the weekend to finalise the manuscript and hand it to the editor next week. She's already got a nearly finished manuscript so she can read the story itself and get it out of her system, as she's another person who's become hooked!


After that, it is just the routine actions and decisions necessary to get the book out there, and then there is a bit of peace to catch up on the TBR pile before the physical books land and a raft of  signing and posting to people. All crazy stuff.


So, hopefully, I should be able to read something for pleasure in about two weeks... if I'm lucky... but I'm not counting on it!