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30 mins is all it took

Not even half an hour really, before I noticed my follower count drop by one after posting the "Sex, Gender, Perception and life" post.


One of the things that I had to realise some time ago is that not everyone is going to like the message you bring to the table; just as other people at that table are going to say things that don't sit well with you.


You either stay at the table and be part of the conversation, or you take your bat and ball, go home and lock yourself in your room for the rest of your life while the world whirls by.


In any endeavour there is a choice. A line. On one side saying and writing things which will please people. On the other side, saying your truth. Where to draw that line is an art form in itself.


Not wanting to be offensive, but at the same time not wanting to be shamed in to being silent about things that matter. That, I think, is an issue that faces us all; artists or not.