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Half way through first pass

— feeling sweat

I might get one more alpha coming back before the end of the week, and another coming back on Monday. Another "might" get me half a feedback document next Tuesday. This is NOT going well


Regardless, I have to press on. It is not going to be in the hands of the editor for review while she is hundreds of miles in the air, crossing the big water. That's just how shit happens, I guess.


The first pass is on paper. I'm about half way through it and around 200 words have been added at this point. I honestly thought I was stripping out more than I was putting in, but the word count says otherwise. I now have a headache and hope to finish the second half of the paper review tomorrow.


I make the paper one the first scan, because the first pass will generate the most alterations and scribbling on my kindle or my kobo with a pen isn't generally believed to be a very effective way of taking notes.


I have to trust that the feedback that will reach me now, won't wreck too much havoc with the crafting I'm currently doing. I don't have much time to waste, what with my job and everything ... but sometimes you've just got to make the awkward calls.


What is going on, is a read through of everything. I think I've picked up a few typos and a couple of spelling mistakes. The majority of it is restructuring sentences and paragraphs where things don't read correctly, or introduce information at the wrong pace.


Also, things like using someone's name too often, or not enough. Things like, "Bob tied his shoes and then Bob got up and..." translating to... "Bob tied his shoes, then he got up and..." ... very simple stuff but that's the kind of thing that creeps in when I'm concentrating on getting the story itself down and the sequence of events in order.