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The calm...

Today, I'm working at a site closer to home. It means a later start and an earlier finish. Well, at least as far as commuting time goes.


I should get back to a number of reports from the alpha readers about things that need to be done to, "Grave." After that, I go through it on the screen; then I convert it to mobi and epub formats, and I print it. I go through all versions and tear it to shreds. ie. craft it. As I mentioned before, I pick up different things depending on the medium on which I read it; and by the time I've gone through all these multiple reads ... I'll be sick of it!


I also have to go through it for the common mistakes that I make that come about through my partial dyslexia; the things that I'm blind to in everyday reading, which you'll find at the bottom of here - http://msknight.co.uk/dyslexia.html - the list generally gets added to with every manuscript that comes back from editing.


I was hoping to get Grave in for editing before Wyntercon, but that's looking unlikely now. The editor is also hopping over to the other side of the pond, so that is a dent in her schedule. I'm hoping to get Grave to the publisher for early December.


So for the moment, I have an extra couple of hours to enjoy my cup of tea before I have to jump in the shower and get ready for YAM - (Yet Another Monday.)