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A reflective few minutes

I sit, waiting for the traffic outside to clear. The days activities have wound down. Politics, technical discussions, negotiations and planning ... another day winds gently to a close.


It is pointless joining the army of commuters just yet. I'll just be stuck in traffic jams made worse by the ongoing road works that test everyone's patience. Every now and then, a horn sounds outside, from someone who feels they've been wronged by another driver.


I screwed up yesterday. Forgot to put a ticket in my window for the days parking fee. Fortunately, I was offered the chance to atone. It is a blessing when you have a reputation for playing by the rules; people cut you a break when you occasionally slip up. Well, I'm only human.


Most things are going according to plan. Only one package has not yet reached its recipient, but not everything in the world is instant.


My coffee mug is empty. You've probably seen it, the black one with Darth Vader and the slogan, "I like my coffee on the dark side." I thought on this and did suggest another to Disney; a white mug with Luke and Lea; the slogan, "Coffee makes me rebellious." Who knows if they'll do anything with it.


I've used my holidays to take days off either side of the convention. I'll need them. One day to worry myself stupid before the event, and another to come down from whatever cloud I'm flying on afterwards. Either that, or put ointment on my bruises. I've got Savlon for the physical ones and red wine for any emotional damage. The other authors there are seasoned convention pros, so I'm going to be well out of my depth.


So, thoughts of the day must be pushed one side and I must clear my concentration for the drive home. I'll probably get there at about 6:45pm, and be in bed by about 8:30-ish thereabouts, after dealing with anything that is waiting to pounce on my tired, unsuspecting body.


To the breach, dear friends...