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Skies of blue and red water ice

The Register is one of the on-line places where I get my tech news fro my job. It's a caustic read and takes no prisoners, but I've only seen it have to apologise once or twice in the years I've followed it.


It also strays into science and occasionally funny articles. Two days ago, it did one on Pluto, and gave a tag line that was from the Louis Armstrong classic, "What a Wonderful World."


Now ... as I hadn't had my coffee yet, I thought it was referencing Mars, so when I wrote a little song, I completely got it ballsed up :-) Fortunately, nobody called me out on my screw up and people just seemed to enjoy the lyrics that I wrote...


We see skies of blue and red water ice.
Boffins all say, "That's very nice."
And I think to myself, "That's a dangerous world."


I see storms of dust and so little light,
Below freezing days, damn deadly nights.
And I think to myself what a dangerous world.


Deimos and Phobos so pretty in the sky,
That sad old Beagle rover, it was a brave old try.
Curiosity sang, "Happy birthday to you."
But as Rovers go, it's lonely too.


Maybe seeds will be sent, up there to grow.
Will they succeed? I'll never know.
And I think to myself what a dangerous world.
Yes, I think to myself what a dangerous world.