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Competition result...

So, how many books can the wheeled toolbox take?


Well, it starts with the bottom section, and one book has to lie cross-ways, because of the diagonal slant at the bottom. Then some padding either side of it.



On top of that, go two stacks of books, spine outwards. 27 per stack. Between the stacks I manage 7 books, and another two books between the stacks and the back of the box ... 64 books in the bottom section in total...



Now ... for the top section. I managed three stacks of 19 books, giving 57, which was then supplemented with three books between the stacks and then three sets of three books at the back of that ... 69 books in the top section...



Grand total - 133 books !!!


So, with two of these I'm able to carry all 200 books to the show, plus I have one section free for water bottles, promo materials, table cover and chocolate bars! (I did actually also put in some paper padding to protect them against the plastic ribs of the box, but that was slotted in to the thin gaps that were left.)


So the winners are.....


ѦѺ  with the guess of 88
Cass  with the guess of 96
Congratulations! PM me please, with how you want the books signed, and a postal address, and I'll get them winging their way sometime next week!