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The hospital went super speedy. Somehow I was seen quickly and hyper efficiently. I think it was because my appointments in some departments are made so far in advance that I'm at the head of the queue when the clinic eventually does come around.


Consequentially I got not very much read. In fact, a couple of paragraphs.


After that, I had to visit the vampire department (bloods) and I was on the road again (after checking my car for flat tyres and scratch marks - I had a bit of a verbal argument with someone else over parking spaces. Not too happy that I let myself go partial-nasty-bitch for the second time in as many days ... the Monday evening I had a rant at my mobile phone company for unsolicited texts.) By the time we had both parked, I was ready to shake her hand and apologise, but she stayed firmly in her car, so rather than risk scaring her, I just walked on and got stuff done. I did send an e-mail to the trust that runs the place that they should only allow as many cars in, as there are spaces; this is the twenty first century and all that.


So I got out quickly and went to a site, so no chance to do anything. When I got home, I was writing a little more. However, now I'm going to have to kiss my printer and apologise for the hammering it is going to get in printing the seventy-odd pages that I have.


It is at about this point that I can't keep the number of threads in my head at once. I'm going to need paper to work from now. It will also serve dual duty in that I can go over it in another format and re-work some of the phrases ... enact the craft, if you wish to describe it like that. I'm sure that there are place holders earlier on in the script where I jotted a plot note and didn't expand, so I've got to check the whole thing from the start, to pick up on any of these.


I hope to have the full skeleton done this weekend. I'm part way through a dungeon scene, and part way through another sex scene; but even though there is still time on my clock for the evening, it's time to sign off and just veg out. Need some off time, as it's another early morning start tomorrow.