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Early morning, sing with me; I can write my X Y Z

Yeah, I need more coffee.


XX, YY and ZZ (where I write the ending chapters and haven't got firm numbers yet) are now boned out and have some muscle tissue. I wasn't in a good state last night, but at least kleanex shares have gone up a point, so I guess I've achieved something. Not much in word count, 37,272 including the preface and conclusion; but the vast majority of the notes have now been absorbed in to the manuscript itself. Now there are just a few odd situational jokes to work in about rubber diving suits and the like.


But there is still a lot of work to do, in order to link the story in to the ending, and more drama and ups and downs to put in also. There's a gap of about four years to take care of. So the next course of action is to get a scrap of paper, and plot the course of people's relationships and lives.  Of course, these last three chapters will need plenty of re-work, and pacing. That's the crafting element. I just have to avoid doing a Bernard Cribbins.


He's the guy that appears at about 34 seconds in to this short clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uElPby5OJ1E - "A Home Of Your Own" is a classic British black and white comedy where the quality of humorous script in the silent era was an absolute ... well, if you want to know my all time favourite films, then this is one of them. In it, Cribbins plays a stonemason who's endless desire for perfection sees him chip a bit here, chip a bit there, yeah, just a smidgeon more off.... crrrrack.


For more humour of the time, Cribbins sings this song, "Hole In The Ground" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQinVrN883o - but he was one of a large number of comedy masters of the era, the likes of which are still close to peoples hearts although many of them have fallen off their perches in recent years. (although I believe Cribbins himself is still with us - and actually, Petter Butterworth, another of that era who also played a Time Lord in the early Dr Who,"The Time Meddler" and others; and who also starred in, "A Home Of Your Own," as a short-sighted carpenter, is buried in the village next to mine.)


In later decades, the alternative comedians would shock with foul language but it seems to my eyes, that society is wanting to return to the intelligent, well written stuff. Indeed, it seems that with the writings of the likes of Pratchett, that such an appreciation of good humour never really went away.


But that also gives you an idea of what I'm aiming to write, when the BDSM work is finally complete. It was also a good portion of what fed the doughnuts in Check Mate.


Oh, and talking of Check Mate, I got word from the publisher that Book Depository took a copy, so they're listing it. Exactly what that means, I'm not sure; and part of me doesn't really know whether to get excited about it or not. My foray in to the world of book publishing this last twelve months has left me with not much more than a very large bill for Asprin.


Why is this coffee cup empty? Hmm... have to do something about that before my shift starts. Toodles!